Monday, February 13, 2012

Movie Marathon 3:Baciami Ancora 再吻我一次

《Baciami Ancora 再吻我一次》,2010



觀影後的心得,或許需要一些時間好好整理。倒是在閱讀影片資料時,得知原來《Baciami Ancora》是另一部2001年法國非常賣座的《L'Ultimo Bacio 最後一吻》10年後的續集。導演和演員們(大部分的演員)在10年後重聚,透過這部續集來講述故事人物經過10年後,從30歲走到40歲,他們的生活究竟有了什麼樣的變化。

因此現在我很想找這部《L'Ultimo Bacio》來看了。就像當初看了《Before Sunset》後迫不及待要找《Before Sunrise》來看。而且據說劇情和影片水準遠遠比續集來的好。我在Youtube找到了完整的版本,但竟然沒有字幕,惟有再繼續找,wish me luck!

P/S:劇照是《Baciami Ancora》裡我最喜歡的演員,Valeria Bruni Tedeschi。題外話,她是Carla Bruni的姐姐,沒錯,法國總統Sarkozy就是她的妹夫。她不是主角之一,戲份少,對白更少。很喜歡她的氣質,還有那雙悲哀的眼神,即使沒有對白也有一種不動聲色的力量。看電影時覺得她很眼熟,google了她的名字,原來她演過Francois Ozon那部《5x2》。那是一部我很喜歡的法國片。


  1. Welcome back!

    Here's the movie. Enjoy :)

  2. Thanks Sophia :)

    Hope you like the movie too!

  3. Unfortunately, I'm not in the right mood to watch movies lately. However, I'd certainly like to share my thoughts with you if I ever watch this movie. :)
    I'm grateful to you for giving me the inspiration to watch movies again, to realize how beautiful Chinese language can be, to embrace life with a simple pleasure that delights the soul, to live each day with a meaningful pursuit that can brighten up my day etc. :)
    I've talked too much. Even though I may not leave a note, I am here reading your pieces of writing. :)


  4. Thank you Sophia. I'm truly flattered by your comments. You have beautifully summed up my reasons to pick up my old habit of watching movies, "to embrace life with a simple pleasure that delights the soul". Well said, indeed.

    I was sitting in the cinema watching The Iron Lady earlier today and I truly enjoyed the experience. Some say movies give us a way to escape our dreary life, and I couldn't agree more as it always allow me to escape into another world for a while, and submerge myself in a completely different scenario.

    May you found the joy in watching movies too :)