Sunday, July 26, 2009

生活隨筆:Goodbye, sayang

I blame myself for couldn't be there.
And I still remember our brief encounter about a month ago. The dim sum, the hug, your smiles, and our promise that we'll watch your movie together soon after you've finished your projects.
I remember you asking me once on why I wouldn't make my own movie. I told you I have no story to tell. And you just laughed at my silly excuse. Everyone has a story to tell, you said.
And I know you still have plenty of lovely stories to touch our hearts. You are one of the best storytellers I know. Yet so little time, so much stories untold.
I'll come visit you with a bouquet of flower when I come back.
Thank you, sayang, for all the laughter and the tears, and the stories you shared with me. All of that will remain as one of the best memories I'd treasure forever.


  1. I went to the mosque, after my Sunday puja prayers but the Yassin recital has ended. The procession were heading for the cemetery but I was told only family members and close friends are allowed to enter. As such, I didn't go for her burial. Thank you, Yasmin for all the wonderful stories.

  2. 阿佐,we love the stories told and untold. Yasmin has been so great. I love her works.

  3. Anonymous,
    I wasn't there at the burial but my heart was there.

    She left us with many beautiful stories :)

    I cried like a kid when I read the news on her at a cybercafe in Bangkok. I wonder what the mat salleh sitting beside me was thinking.